Overview and background

Many businesses suffered because of COVID-19 which forced us to be more visible online. According to a report by the United Nations, there was an additional 782 million people who joined the Internet and social media in just two years since 2019.

For businesses that are not equipped with social media and digital content creation, these past few years have been difficult because they don’t even know where to start. Should I focus more on Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest? What does my business need?

Pitch Topics and Tasks

We will provide a full-service digital/social Media agency with specialized expertise in strategic planning,
consultancy and execution of social media campaigns on diverse touchpoints, an in-depth understanding of social media channels and related networks. Besides Social Media Marketing, we are also very strong in SEO marketing, Facebook/Social Ads and Analytics – with a dedicated, capable, modern, young, and experienced team, that can work precisely and under time pressure.

The Insider Group is a professional strategic full service digital/social media agency to assist in the development,
implementation and ongoing, long-term operative execution of Search Engine visibility strategy in order to enhance the
positioning of a country on Google.

  • To generate awareness for the opening and new information about a country and to position our Insider brand as a trustworthy and reliable source on the Internet.
  • To create an innovative, effective, and measurable search engine visibility strategy
  • To evaluate, filter, and selectively work & aligning with provided Insider Group brand strategy and output
  • To create and design a worldwide resource for all ages and tailored social media content plan in alignment with provided plan by The Insider Group branding guidelines.

What we want to achieve through digital presence:

  • Raise awareness for the current tourism situations in all the networks we cover
  • Gain brand loyalty. Our goal is that people who read us in Mexico (which are 85% American consumers) will also be loyal to our other Insider brands.
  • Relevant content & links ( Storytelling)
  • Engaging posts
  • Creation of an Insider Fan Community on Facebook to answer questions from people.
  • Change consumer’s mindset towards visiting a country or moving to that country
  • Provide a platform to discuss and exchange relevant topics
  • Provide help & solutions for problems/issues with traveling to X country by knowing what search keywords people are using, together with the search volume per country.
  • Direct more consumers to our Insider websites.
  1. The conception of selected Insider networks and strategy consulting
  2. Project management, assistance with (weekly) communication planning
  3. Content creation (in accordance with the monthly Insider content plan development
    of min. 1 blog post and social media post per day, per channel).
  4. Create and lead Facebook (Social Media) Ad campaign; including constant optimization of campaigns (ideally 24h/day)
  5. Social Community Management
  6. Monitoring (incl. at least weekly reporting, including relevant optimization recommendations based on data)
  7. Optimization and channel development: Qualitative (Quality of Dialogues, Reach of Influence, Survey); Quantitative (Amount of comments, Average likes&followers/week, av. time of reaction and interaction)

Content Creation / Creative Production
The client will be responsible to take us to country X in order to make our content. We usually do a 4-month creative field filming which will be enough for a 3-year content.

Strategic Consultancy
Full proposal of strategic direction including search engine visibility concept, timeline, creative references, deliverables, channels selection, content plan, advertising, reviews, as well as budget allocation

  • Bi-/Weekly work review meeting
  • Establish regular meetings and conference calls with HUAWEI in order to ensure close coordination
  • Digital insights & analytics
  • SM tracking tool (s)
  • Analytics & research of performance
  • Bi-Weekly report summary and suggestions for further optimization
  • Design and creation of appropriate social media posts

Step 1: We create a website using our Insider brand

Our most successful network right now is Mexico Insider which launched in February 2022. For less than 3 months, our network in Mexico reached 100K impressions and 15,000 unique page sessions. You can check this website as the most prolific example that what we do works. Google content is evergreen!

You can also view our staging sites for our networks that are currently in the works: Australia | Indonesia | Israel | New Zealand | Peru | Philippines | Thailand | Turkey

Step 2: Extensive keyword research

We list down the keywords that the top consumers in the world search for (USA, UK, Canada, and Australia). We will gather all these keywords, and identify their cost per click, search volumes, and competition on Google’s first page.

Step 3: Content creation in the field

We spend 1 month (max) in your country and cover all the possible topics from the keyword search. Since Google can also detect original images, we prefer to do our own content and not rely on stock images and videos.

Step 4: We publish one article daily for a year

Our pool of content creators and writers will line up articles from our field production shoot and keyword research. These articles will go live every day (scheduled).

Step 5: Link building

After 3 months of publishing content daily, we start on our link-building project that leans heavily on Pinterest and link placements with other relevant authoritative websites. We find it more effective to place links with bloggers because they have a more genuine voice on the Internet, as opposed to placing links on commercial websites.

Step 6: Social media promotion

We will only upload reels on the Instagram account. This will be done daily with a variety of different storylines, voices, unique tales, and many more. Feel free to check Mexico Insider’s Instagram page as an example.

Step 7: Rank tracking

We input all the keywords we want to rank for and track their progress. Most of them will start at page 10 but with our rank tracking and link building strategies, we will push it to page 1.

Step 8: Yearly maintenance

Every end of the year (December 31st), we will do one-month maintenance where we edit all the resources according to new trends, price updates, new hotels, etc. Then we will re-index it on Google search console so that people would know that the content has been updated.

365 days campaign package

  • Website content creation including branding, domain hosting, Google Analytics Integration, and Search Engine Optimization. We also take care of the branding colors according to our network guides
  • Search Engine Optimization for each post including a package for RankMath Pro (SEO tool). The target keywords for each content will also be put in one file to keep everyone in the loop.
  • Original media that we film ourselves! Google can now detect if your image is stock or original – original content is always favored, especially if that photo or video does not appear on any other website.
  • Social media management for Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook. Right now, these are the three social media platforms that we are pushing – you really can’t focus on all.
  • Link building project to improve the domain authority. The more links we place on other websites, the more Google presence we achieve.
  • Content Creator trips to invite bloggers, and influencers, to visit your country. The cost for the trip is not on us but as we are travel bloggers ourselves, we can invite our fellow bloggers to join our campaigns and they always answer us since they know us personally. We will do all the management according to your budget. See creator trips that we’ve done in the past.

Your Business Solution

You’re spending money on digital marketing every year but you waste money by hiring the wrong people. We know what we are doing and we have proof that investing in Google brings 10 times more ROI.


We strive to make the Internet a better and more honest space for everyone. Find out how you can partner with us today.