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It’s 2022. Have you thought deeper about your digital marketing efforts? Or maybe, with all the social media platforms on the Internet today, you just don’t know what works for you?

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We are young people who are great at a few things in digital media (and pretty good at many other things). Our team is a diverse group of individuals from all walks of life who share the same goal: to make the Internet a prettier and more honest environment through genuine content.

Reel Queens

We film it, we make the reels according to your liking. After post-production, all you have to do is upload, upload, upload!

Pin It Til You Make It

You’re probably not on Pinterest but this is the number 1 social media platform that you should focus on. Our Pinterest queens are highly-trained in the business of Pinterest. This is our best-selling service1


When you list your business to any of our networks, we will create content based on Google searches and push your listing to Google’s first page.

Insider TV

We will create documentaries, short films, and a TV series for your brand through our innovative series development for digital and social content.

Editorial Partnerships

Integrate your brand’s voice with ours. You can sponsor our TV shows (see below) and support the local communities that we feature on Insider TV.


We love seeing our content on Google first page! Juice is our link-building program where we put your website to high authoritative websites. This way, your domain authority will grow and you will be more visible on search engines!

Running series

True Value

Chefs Rodrigo Dragonetti (Mexico) and Julieta Cuadrado (Argentina) go around Riviera Nayarit to compare prices of our favorite Mexican dishes.

Street Food Icons

We went around Mexico to find the most local street food and tell their stories. From a street food cart that traveled to Nayarit, to the most local family-run businesses, we have them all!

Legendary Eats

Legendary Eats is a series hosted by David Vergara. In this series, he goes from one town to another to find the most unique dishes.

Pueblo Verde

We follow much environmental work in Mexico and one of the projects we did is Pueblo Verde, which is ongoing coverage of the environmental problems that Mexico is facing because of over-tourism.

Best of the Best

Every month, we do a poll on Facebook where locals can choose the best (pizza, burgers, coffee) etc. Whoever wins the poll, we go to the restaurant and film them!

The X-Pat Chronicle

We believe that the success of a country’s tourism is when foreigners move there. We gathered different stories from people who moved to another country.

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