The Insider Group, LLC, has networks in AustraliaNew ZealandMexico, Turkey, Spain, IsraelPeru, and the United States. We are a community of diverse journalists, content creators, and digital marketing enthusiasts that come from different backgrounds, shapes, and colors.

For years, we have made sure that our networks amplify unique voices on the Internet and make sure there are no biases when it comes to race, gender, identity, sexuality, disability etc. All over the world, we want to extend our honest and transparent journalism to communities that are historically excluded from media.

In order to work together in harmony, we have implemented systematic strategies in our workplace. We all work remotely (Asia, Latin America, Europe, the USA, and Australia) with different timezones, attitudes, work ethics, cultures, and beliefs.

In these daily activities, we make sure that our employees have access to the context of our projects and are included in decision-making processes. All opinions count and we do not control what our journalists share. We only proofread but we do not change their ideas.

We also ensure that they will advance in their career as a person of color after they work with us. Our intensive staff training and lucrative employee benefits are big parts of this goal.

90% of managers at The Insider Group identified as female and LGBTQ.

Global Marketing Head

“I started as an Office Manager for our network in Sayulita, Mexico last year and with our growth, I was promoted as Global Marketing Head. Working for The Insider Group gave me opportunities to undergo intensive digital training like my current favorite, Pinterest Marketing. They paid for courses and always were very happy to do so whenever I ask them if I can take more workshops online. Diversity is an opportunity and I feel so privileged to be part of this team. Even if I leave the company, I will have all these digital media experiences that I learned from them. It’s a life-long benefit working for The Insider Group.

Editor-at-large, Israel Insider

“When I was asked to take over our network in Israel, I felt that I identified strongly with the diversity and inclusion at The Insider Group. Being a gay man in the Middle East has many layers and challenges but I am happy to be part of a revolution where I can share how Israel is a different country when it comes to LGBTQ. Working here gave me the freedom to express myself in my own platform. I never had so much freedom in journalism and this is the first time I felt that I can do anything!

85% of our employees identified as people of color and are living/working outside the United States.

Diversity and Inclusion Fellow

“In 2018, I got into The Insider Group’s fellowship program for BIPOC content creators. As a single mother from India, I was taught that going to America will make our lives better. But my internship here gave me the opportunity to realize that I can be whoever I want to be even if I do not have a blue passport. I am so happy to come out of that ‘hollywoodinized’ idea and I never would’ve done it without my fellowship here. Apart from working for The Insider Group, they also help me set up my own business as part of my fellowship. Now I am starting a business for myself (and my child) while continuously learning from this company.

Editor-at-large, Australia Insider

“When you are on the other side of the spectrum, you don’t really understand why diversity and inclusion are important. I am lucky to be born in Australia and being one of the most powerful passports in the world, I never had problems traveling for work. When I found out that some of my colleagues in The Insider Group (including our CEO) needs a visa to everywhere in the world, I was quite shocked because I never thought it was hard for others as it was very easy for me. The people I work with here are amazing and very talented – it’s a shame that they don’t have the same privilege as I do but being here gave me a deeper understanding.

BIPOC Creator Program

In 2017, one of our networks, P.S. I’m On My Way launched the BIPOC Creator Program which provides intensive training for aspiring content creators in India, The Philippines, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, and many other parts of the world (outside the United States).

Our CEO, Trisha Velarmino, provided personal training for these fellows and eventually structured a sustainable business model, and/or hired them across our networks.

#SupportLocal by Mexico Insider

At the beginning of the pandemic, the world turned digital. We saw how many local businesses suffered because they did not have an online presence nor they are equipped to market their businesses on the Internet.

With this, we went around Mexico (starting in Sayulita and Oaxaca) to create a lucrative marketing strategy for local businesses that have been carefully vetted by our quality control team. We’ve created over 100 videos, 5,000 photos, and marketing materials for many local businesses in Mexico, free of charge.